I’ve been an avid fan of Pirates of the Caribbean ever since the Black Pearl sailed onto the big screen. I remember getting it on video and watching it every day, for at least a month, dreaming of being a pirate (sad I know). 

So, you could imagine that last night I was SUPER excited to see Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

My verdict?


I’ve never walked out of a film screening before, but this was the closest I’ve ever been to doing so. 

Clearly, the directors were finally scraping the bottom of the rum barrel for ideas. 

Why do I say this?

  • Captain Salazar is basically a Spanish version of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman
  • Henry and Carina are obviously Will and Elizabeth wannabes
  • I had deja vu when Jack is saved from yet another execution
  • And the script may aswell have been a hand me down from the previous films

The similarities were so obvious, it made it ridiculously cringe.

And as for Barbosa, I really feel Geoffrey Rush deserves an apology for his embarrassing storyline and shocking ending. Surely, such an iconic character is worthy of a better fate than falling to his death seconds after realising the Kiera Knightley wannabe was his long lost daughter. I mean please, how tedious. 

I’m not even going to mention Johnny Depp, because it actually breaks my heart that even he couldn’t save the film from this humiliation.

And then there was the ending. The most cringe worthy part. A no longer captain of the Dutchman running like a pleb to his gal and engaging in a passionate kiss. How original. 

The only positive?

The music was still as incredible as ever, but apart from that I wouldn’t bother watching it til the end. Maybe it should have stopped At World’s End… 


So,it’s that time again. Another general election to decide who we want in place to make Britain great. 

Personally, I’ve been debating whether or not to vote.


Because, for me, I feel a general election consists of the same problems EVERY time:

  1. 2 main parties slating each other rather than laying down the true facts
  2. Both bringing up issues that we as the public want to hear
  3. When actually getting into power nothing drastic actually changing to better the country 

A decrease in 18-25 year olds voting does not come as a surprise to me. We are never truly given the facts which makes it difficult for us to give an accurate and correct vote because we have no real idea of what to believe. A decrease in trust towards politicians plays a major role in why votes aren’t as high as they used to be, which is something I strongly believe needs to be changed. If we don’t trust these politicians then why would we vote for them? 

Isn’t it just a case of picking the better of two evils?

A comment I came across on social media the other day also highlights this, which made a lot of sense to me. The lady stated,

“Im seriously considering abstaining in protest at the standard of available options”

However, I have registered to vote, after long consideration and persuasion, and in all honesty I will probably vote. Not because I have 100% faith in any of the parties or trust that they will better our lives, but because I am a woman and in the be all and end all of things, women did die for my right to vote. Although the world is a different place since the suffragette movement, I’d like to think that their heroic acts made an impact on us all, even amidst the state of our society today. 

But really for me, politics is very hypocritical and SO much does need to be changed for the younger generation to have full trust in voting. I mean, will we always be battling to be freed of a Marxist society no matter who gets into power? 


Right now this quote is helping to ease the anxiety of my current situation. It’s been a year since I graduated university, and that same year I’ve spent in a mundane job, scraping by while everyone else seems to have their life together. 
But, today I applied for my masters and since believing this year has been a wasted one (which in retrospect I’ve learnt SO much, And therefore is actually a benficial year) I’ve decided to publicly post my bucket list. 


To set my self a goal of completing it and to remind me there’s so much out there to experience that one teeny tiny year of not doing what you really want is actually quite irrelevant in the long run. 

  1. Learn guitar 
  2. Go to Coachella 
  3. Write a book 
  4. Get accepted into my masters 
  5. Become a journalist
  6. Go to Glastonbury ✅
  7. Learn a language 
  8. Live in London (pref. In a penthouse suite ahahahah)
  9. Road trip Route 66 
  10. Ice skate in Central Park 
  11. Try and blog weekly
  12. Get another tattoo
  13. See a ballet in theatre 
  14. Spend New Year in a different country
  15. Complete a marathon 
  16. Attend a masquerade ball
  17. Go on a breakfast date and have proper pancakes!
  18. Go to London AND Paris Fashion week
  19. Travel more
  20. Be as strong and inspiring as my mum 


There’s no denying that the world is becoming increasingly dominated by the influence of social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc have become daily necessities. This “virtual world” is not only taking over, but is increasing the considerable pressure faced by women on a daily basis. 

So, what’s the newest addition to pressurising girls?


THE FILTERS. A friend of mine actually said, and I quote: 

“I need to stop using filters because when I don’t use them I look awful!”

Take my photo for example. Both pictures are exactly the same pose and position with zero makeup on. The filter changes the whole dynamics of my face, enhancing my features to create an illusion. 

Now, I know filters are meant for fun, but when your skin is made flawless, eyelashes longer and a thinner face is created, the ideology of the “perfect image” is reinforced. 

And why do I think this reinforcement is actually having an affect? 

Because girls are actually using these filtered selfies as profile pictures and Instagram posts (probably receiving over a 100 likes on them aswell). 

I’m not saying filters shouldn’t be used or it’s a crime to make yourself look ‘flawless’. I’m just saying that girls shouldn’t feel that it is necessary to use a filter to make them feel better about how they look. 

We are all beautiful, and beauty is most certainly not defined by a filter.